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What is Aluminum Alloy Wheel ?

What is Aluminum Alloy Wheel ?

Aluminum alloy wheel is publicly referred to as “steel rim”. In fact this is inaccurate information and production techniques and materials used for steel rim and aluminum alloy wheel are very different and it should also be highlighted that aluminum alloy wheels are superior in terms of performance, quality, fuel economy and driving experience.

In practice steel rim is sold with a plastic cover on top.

Users prefer aluminum wheels since it adds value to the visual quality of the vehicle. In this section we would like to briefly point out other outstanding features of aluminum alloy wheels besides their visual superiorities.

Why Aluminum Alloy Wheels?

  • Performance and Fuel Consumption
    - Aluminum wheels are lighter compared to steel rims accordingly it has advantage in respect of performance and fuel consumption.
    - Since it is light, it improves driving dynamics and increases steering wheel mastery and vehicle balance.
  • Heat Transfer
    Due to use of aluminum, it rapidly transfers the heat formed on tire and brake system and extends the life of tires and brake linings. Also improves the braking distance.
  • Security
    -Studs assembling the wheel to the axes have a wider tightening area. Stud loosening risk is lower.
    -Aluminum alloy wheels are one-piece. Since it is not equipped with the plastic cover like steel rims, there is no risk of dislocation of the cover during movement.
  • Driver Comfort
    It has high balance holding capability. It increases driving comfort and security.
  • Aesthetic
    It is aesthetic. Adds a nice view to the car. Also model variety is extensive. It is non-corrosive.


Technical Descriptions

ET / OFFSET: Offset is the measurement in millimeters from the wheel center line to the wheel mounting face.

PCD: Pitch Circle Diameter

4x000 / 5x000: Number of wheel nuts

CH: Center bore, the size of the center hole in the middle of the rim

Finishing Descriptions

BD : Black Diamond
SD : Silver Diamond 
FS : Full Silver 

GB: Gloss Black

MB: Matt Black

GM: Gun Metal

GMP: Gun Metal Polished

MGM: Matt Gun Metal
GD : Gray Diamond
BFS : Black Full Silver
BLP : Black Lip Polished
BDLP : Black Diamond Lip Polished
SDLP : Silver Diamond Lip Polished

MBRL: Matt Black Red Lip

RTGB: Red Tips Gloss Black

BTGB: Blue Tips Gloss Black


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