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About Us

About Us

Carre Carre Wheels is a registered trade mark of Kare Metal Form Industry and Trade A.S. Kare Metal is a company operating under Technocast Automotive Industry and Trade A.S. ( ). Our company is located in Çerkezköy Industrial Zone on a 13500 m2 area.

Thanks to its professional team with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Kare Metal continues to grow and always keep up with latest technology, and make no compromises in respect of quality and its principles.

Our wheels are produced by computer controlled low pressure casting machines using special aluminum alloy, fully conforming to international E.T.R.T.O (The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization) standards.

Kare Metal produces custom design alloy wheels within the size range of 13’’ -23’’. All research and development, product design, product simulation activities and all production phases are carried out in our company by means of high technology support.

Our premium quality wheels are the outcome of more than 30 different production processes and pass various tests carried out at test laboratories, meeting highest quality standards.

Our production facility has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and our wheels are currently being exported to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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