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Production Phases

Production Phases

Product Design and Simulation

In this phase 3D and 2D design of the wheel to be produced are completed and by means of professional Solidworks program executed in a computer environment, test analysis are carried out for these wheels to be produced.


Molding and Mold Production

High quality molding is crucial in wheel production. Durability and quality of the product relies directly on this. Thanks to our qualified and experienced team and plants, we complete the high quality mold production phase totally in our facilities. During mold production we use our CNC machines integrated with CAD-CAM software.



Casting process is carried out at latest technology, computer controlled low pressure casting machines. Following casting process, each wheel is subjected to X-Ray, Spectral Analysis and visual control.



Semi-finished products obtained as the result of casting process are exposed to production and surface processes according to standards of the car manufacturer. Wheel processes in CNC machines are subjected to measurement control (gauge measurement), tubeless tightness test, balance release control and visual controls.



The final phase of production is to clean the surface of wheels that have completed a series of process, to increase adhesion of paints and each wheel will then complete a bathing phase to prepare for the painting process. Upon completion of bathing process, wheels will either be applied powder paint or wet paint depending on the application. In our paint shops we make production with 10 different paint/coating variety and to achieve the highest quality, we use spraying booths with special ventilation.

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