Which Wheel Brands Are The Best?

Which Wheel Brands Are The Best?

Which Wheel Brands Are The Best-

Which Wheel Brands are the Best?

Wheels can be described as the accessories to catch the eye first in an automobile. High alloy aluminum wheels that have started to replace old generation sheet metal wheels present automobile lovers various options with their customizable model and color options. Increasing car driving both in our country and abroad contributed to increase in wheel brands. There are many global popular brands of wheel sector that we are a part of. In this article, we brought together the best wheel brands that modified car lovers follow from close and are interested in.

Best Wheel Brands

1-    Carre Wheel Design - CWD

Carre Wheel Design gives 360-degree service to its clients that it is a supplier of Wheel Production and Project Management.
Carre Wheel Design has been providing complete design, production, quality, and logistics services to leading global wheel brands with expert personnel having more than 20 years of experience. 
Visit carre.com.tr for detailed information.


Vertigo designs and produces high-quality alloy wheels in 15”-23” sizes. Vertigo offers unique and stylish designs for your car. Visit Vertigo website for the newest wheel models!

3- Wolfrace

One of the most popular wheel brands and our business partner Wolfrace brand is the second brand on our list. With Eurosport series we produce, we present about 10 models in 17-20 inch diameter sizes.

4- Vossen

Producing special wheels to renowned luxury cars in the world, Vossen is sold for very high prices in our country.

5- Oz Racing

Producing wheels for luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus, and McLaren, the Oz brand has also been producing wheels for Formula 1 cars for longer than 30 years. Adapting its experience and quality from Formula 1 to cars, this is among the most preferred wheel brands in the world.

6- Bbs

What comes first to mind concerning Bbs is, its offset model in the visual. The German Bbs model that has been in the market for more than 40 years can be frequently seen on the roads.


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