Quality Management

Our Quality Policy

Our company believes in continuous training and high-quality production, always monitoring the quality of our processes and products with our fully equipped laboratory and highly qualified personnel.
Our production facility has ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and our production is controlled by the quality management system principles established in accordance with the standards. In-wheel production business, our company sets its target as “Persistent Quality” and applies quality controls foreseen by international standards, in all phases of production in order to guarantee "Unconditional Customer Satisfaction".

Our Quality Policy;

  • Maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level in parallel with customer requirements.
  • Support the Quality Management System with the participation of all employees.
  • Maintain high level at low costs, by the means of our Quality Management System
  • Provide to our customers, products, and services that meet internationally recognized standards.
  • Develop environmentally friendly and reliable products based on the requirements of our customers.
  • Train our employees for constant development and improvement.
  • Enter international markets.
  • Provide a tidy, clean, and safe work environment.
  • Keep up with technological innovations, never fall behind the latest technology.
  • Respect national laws and regulations.

Our Quality Processes and Tests

        Casting Phase

  • Visual Control
  • X-Ray Control
  • Spectral Analysis Control
  • DI Tests

Painting Phase

  • Paint Thickness Control
  • Paint Adhesion and Curing Control
  • Anti-corrosion Control
  • Visual Control

Final Control

  • 100% Marking Control
  • 100% Esthetics Control
  • %100 PCD, CH, ET Control
  • %100 Horizontal Run Out, Vertical Run Out, Balance Control
  • Paint Thickness Control

The Requirement of TSE & KBA / ECE in New Product Approval

  • Impact Test
  • Curb Fatigue Test
  • Radial Fatigue Test
  • Vehicle Application Test
  • Salt Test